Donnie Blue


Human male, blond with blue eyes. Tends to dress in the current fashions.


An up and comer in the music world, Donnie Blue rose from the streets to play in larger and larger venues. Originally playing on corners to make ends meet, he was scooped up and fought for by producer after producer. While it’s rare for the music not to suffer when the performer’s contract is constantly being fought for, Donnie Blue has managed to amass a dedicated following and keeps climbing the charts.

Donnie Blue is currently hospitalized having been attacked by crazed fans at an event. His bodyguards managed to quickly get him to a health-care facility for aid following the attack. Further complications arose when an unknown number of assailants broke into the emergency surgery room where Donnie was being treated. After security had dealt with the threat, 3 surgeons and Donnie’s producer were dead in the room, with Donnie still alive mid-surgery. Donnie has since been transfered to a high security specialized hospital and is currently recovering. Authorities are investigating both attacks.

Donnie Blue

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